A quick update of colourful images from the last few weeks / we’ve got a great group of eager young people working with us making some interesting and unusual things!



The new term is well underway now, and this week we’re starting back after a swift half term break. This term we are devising everything and anything to do with our new Kids News Channel – with evolving names, changing weather systems and special reports being printed in our expanding newspaper.

what we got up to this summer… pt.1

We had a busy summer term, leading us up to the holidays. Myself and Marie P worked with some usual faces and some new ones; painting castles, making wands, writing postcards and crafting crowns… The theme this term was cooked up by the young people, and so we went off on a journey to Candy Castle and beyond.. A giant cardboard box hosted some performances, before being turned into a beautiful selection of art works exhibited in the space. Here’s a slice of what we got up to, and in usual fashion there are a series of clips to come, with the children acting what they’d made during sessions!